25kms from Budapest lies the Gál Vineyard and Wine cellars. Our vineyard is 95 hectares and is located in the hills of Szigetcsép, Szigetmárton and Szigetújfalu on the Csepel Island. The island has mostly belonged to the royal families and its viticulture is also proven by grape-tax documents from 1569.

60 hectares of the vineyard were recently planted in the last few years. The most significant types of grapes are: Rajnai rizling, Olaszrizling, Szürkebarát, Cserszegi fűszeres, Kékfrankos and Pinot noir.

In our wine cellars we can store up to 1000 hectolitres in temperate, rust-proof containers. The current vinery-technology depends on several things such as optimal reductive fermentation or handmade-harvest.

About us

After graduating at the University for Horticulture and gaining over 20 years of experience, we built up our winery in Szigetcsép. By 2005 we had planted 60 hectares of new quality plantation.

Our goal is to merge viticulture and winery. These have been separated for 50 years but our family believes that you can only produce excellent, quality wines if you use your own grown grapes. Besides, to reach the high quality, the continuous consultation of the viticulturist and the wine-maker professionals is also needed through the yearly work in the vineyard – this can guarantee the optimal growing-technology. The professional viticulturist ensures the optimal growing conditions, while the wine maker uses the best, most modern processes of winemaking to create the perfect outcome. So the modern vinery-technology is only one necessary thing in the process of making prime quality wines. The commitment and the specialized knowledge of both professions is the key to success.

Gál Csaba
Diploma of Horticultur,
Gálné Dignisz Éva
Diploma of Winemaker